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About Our Logo

Eunoia Financials’ logo is an intentional reflection of the firm’s underlying purpose and fiduciary responsibility toward our clients. We believe the long-term path for success runs directly through our responsibility to, and treatment of our clients. Above all else, Eunoia commits to do what is in the best interest of our clients. This commitment is manifested in our honest dealings, candid advice, personalized financial plans and investment philosophy geared toward your goals, not ours. Our logo is a graphic depiction of the elements we believe important to managing a firm based on the fiduciary responsibility to our clients while assisting their efforts to achieve their goals. The one thing… the only thing that matters to Eunoia, is our client’s success.



Logo Design Elements and Meaning

The colors, blue, silver and white are specifically chosen to represent Eunoia Financials’ corporate values. Blue denotes truth and loyalty while silver and white indicate peace and sincerity.

The helm of the logo depicts a Noble’s crown and a knight’s helmet. In ancient times, a Noble was the strategic defender of an outpost or fortress. The knight’s helmet draws on the historic characteristics to be a knight – wisdom and security in defense, strength, protection and invulnerability.


The centerpiece of the logo is the knight’s shield. Not only does the shield hold significance as the defender of a client’s treasure, but each image on the shield holds special meaning. The eagle with two heads co-joins two forces (Eagle and Falcon). With its wings displayed signifies protection. The eagle represents a person of noble nature, strength, bravery and alertness, leadership, ingenuity, quick-witted and judiciousness. According to Guillim, an eagle has “true magnanimity and strength of mind.” Adding to the eagle’s nobleness, the falcon represents one who does not rest until their objectives are achieved.


While the eagle and falcon are the centerpiece of the shield, the Byzantine Coins (worthy of trust of treasure), Owl (one who is vigilant and of acute wit and wisdom), Chess Rook (strategic thinking), Column with Coiled Serpent (wisdom, fortitude and constancy), Holly (truth, foresight and defense) and Lyre (contemplation, tempered judgement) are important and represent Eunoia’s philosophy toward our responsibility to our clients.

Holding the shield is a Dragon and Griffin. The dragon represents a valiant defender of treasure.


The griffin (head, wings and talons of an eagle with the body of a lion) represents valor and death-defying bravery, vigilance and a guardian of treasure.


The mantle of the logo contains several images as well. A Lighthouse indicates one who is watchful, one who gave the signal in time of danger. The Star above the lighthouse represents goodness, a noble person, leadership and excellence.


The Clock Tower is a symbol of integrity.


The Scroll indicates scholarly achievement.


The Spider symbolizes wisdom, labor and prudence. The Beech communicates tolerance and a knowledge of history.


The Vine wrapped around the mantle stands for strong and lasting friendship, peace and plenty, luck and strength.

Lastly, surrounding and throughout the design, there are a number of rings. The logo itself is encased within several layers of rings. The coins, lighthouse and clocktower lie within rings. There are rings around the necks of the dragon and griffin while a ring is the base of the crown. Historically, rings represent fidelity and commitment. Eunoia is committed to our clients in the same way rings are exchanged during a marriage ceremony.

Like all logos, Eunoia’s is simply a graphic… but it is so much more. It has been specifically designed to represent the goals of the firm in the way that it interacts and represents our clients. Like the many elements we have chosen, we vow to be truthful, loyal, worthy of your trust, vigilant, wise, a valiant defender of your treasure, watchful of danger and lead with integrity. Perhaps most importantly, we vow to hold our client’s interests above our own - to show commitment to our client’s objectives and fidelity to our client’s interests.