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Ann Marie Ott – Boston Beer Company (SAM) Research Report

Please allow me the pleasure of introducing Ann Marie Ott.  Ann Marie is a rising senior at Harvard College studying Economics, Econometrics and Statistics.  While studying at Harvard is enough for most, Ann Marie adds student manager of the Women’s Varsity Ice Hockey Team, captain of the Women’s Club Ice Hockey Team and like the proud Bostonian that she is, follows the professional sport teams in the area – Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox.  She even finds time for one Boston anomaly, NASCAR.
Ms. Ott has been working for Eunoia Financial as an intern for the past several weeks, learning the business and researching companies.  After much hard work, I am particularly pleased to enclose Ann Marie’s first research report on Boston Beer Company (SAM) for your consideration.  Her report will provide insight into the type of work Ann Marie is capable of as well as the investment approach Eunoia employs when searching for suitable investments.
Ann Marie’s time at Eunoia will continue in this vein; searching for, and researching investment ideas on behalf of Eunoia Financial clients.  I think you will agree, this is a terrific start for a young investor with a bright future.  I for one look forward to many more like this.
Please join me in congratulating Ms. Ott on her fine work and first professional publication.