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Ann Marie Ott – iRobot (IRBT) Research Report

Ann Marie Ott has completed an analysis of Boston based iRobot (IRBT) for your consideration.  Ms. Ott was quite interested in the investment prospects of this company given the increasing personal, industrial and military use of robots.  Like Eunoia Financial, Ann Marie believes the future of military robots to be a particularly attractive, and potentially very profitable, component of the industry going forward.  However, a recent sale of the military oriented division has caused Ann Marie some pause as the future of the remaining home-oriented business line becomes crucial to the company’s success with fewer diversification options.
Nonetheless, iRobot remains an interesting investment but Ann Marie has recommended caution after the recent military division sale.  She suggests investors wait to see how the business develops and be prepared to buy at a later time when the future direction of the company becomes clearer.