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Financial Planning at Eunoia begins and ends with our firm’s motto – Ruminams Solutiones Intelligendo – Thoughtful Solutions Through Understanding. We go to great lengths to truly and deeply understand our clients, their current financial situation and their life goals. Upon gaining a thorough understanding, we then build a thoughtful solution which helps our clients smoothly transition from their current situation to achieving their objectives. Eunoia’s financial plans can be complete, partial or a la carte depending on the client’s needs or situation. Our ultimate, and only, goal is to help our clients obtain financial freedom.


Financial planning, however, is a broad term which means different things to different people. While there may be common themes, everyone’s situation and goals are different. To some, financial planning means estate planning. To others it means retirement planning, investing for the future, saving for college, insuring your health or maintaining a budget. Therefore, it is important to Eunoia that we understand you and your goals so that we can build the most appropriate plan for you.

Eunoia’s definition of financial planning means all of the above and more. Everyone’s experiences, goals and life situations are different. Therefore, everyone’s financial planning needs are different. Eunoia provides advice, guidance and direction to meeting your particular needs. There are no one-plan meets all solutions. Eunoia works with you to customize a solution to meet your goals.

Eunoia works closely with our clients to consider and plan the following