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Insurance dates back centuries. The first instances of insurance took the form of mutual aid. A commitment by neighbors was made to help rebuild homes in the event of an unexpected event, or to help feed families during a famine. Later, Chinese and Babylonian merchants distributed their wealth among several vessels in order to navigate treacherous rivers without sustaining catastrophic loss. Eventually, these early insurance concepts were modernized into the complex and diverse insurance industry we have today.

Despite the modernization and additional paperwork, the idea remains the same – limit losses from an unexpected event. Today, insured items include life, limb, property and health. Eunoia works with our clients to understand the impact a loss of any of the above might have on them or their families and then works to mitigate those losses through a comprehensive insurance plan.

Life Insurance

The purpose of life insurance is simple, to make sure the people who depend on you for financial support will be taken care of in the event you die prematurely.

Contrary to popular wisdom, most people don’t need life insurance for their entire lives. Most people only need life insurance when they have children, or other family members, who rely... Read More

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance pays some or all of a worker’s salary if that worker becomes disabled and is unable to work. Disability can come from accidents or injuries on the job, as well as from other debilitating ilnsses such as cancer or a heart attack. Disability insurance can reimburse disabled workers for some of the income they lose while... Read More

Health Insurance

As the name suggests, health insurance insures a person’s health. If/when an illness or injury occurs, health insurance pays some, or all, of the costs related to regaining full or partial wellness. Eunoia works with clients to ensure proper health insurance coverage as well as preparing clients for retirement and the different Medicare... Read More

Long-Term Care Insurance

A long-term care insurance policy doles out money to help cover the costs of nursing home care, an assisted living facility or at-home assistance if you are no longer able to take care of yourself. The allure of long-term care is obvious: it’s the rare person who doesn’t worry about how he or she will afford care later on. And if you’re... Read More

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