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Eunoia’s investment philosophy is encapsulated by a series of beliefs built over decades of practical experience and academic education by the founder.

These beliefs translate directly into Eunoia’s investment process.

Eunoia’s General Market Beliefs

  • Reversion to the mean is real and can (generally) be relied upon when making long-term investment decisions
  • During occasional periods of investor irrationality, reliance on reversion to the mean fails and alternative investment means should be sought
  • As there is no proven method for determining when mean... Read More

Eunoia’s Asset Allocation Beliefs

  • Long-term asset allocation can boost returns by taking advantage of the most profitable risk/reward opportunities available at the time
  • Combining passive and active strategies allows broad market exposure, lower costs and higher manager focus on adding alpha
  • Asset allocation should be a trickle-down... Read More

Eunoia’s Equity Beliefs

  • Earnings and earnings growth are the primary drivers of equity returns
  • What a company does and how they do it matters to earnings and earnings growth
  • Diversification along size and style axes is better than single broad market exposure
  • Historical, competitive and absolute context is required to form a complete... Read More

Eunoia’s Fixed Income Beliefs

  • There are three primary drivers of fixed income returns
    • Inflation/deflation
    • Credit quality
    • Duration
  • Diversification along duration and credit quality axes is better than single broad market exposure
  • Historical, competitive and absolute context is required to form a complete... Read More

Eunoia’s Tactical Allocation Beliefs

  • Periodic opportunities for outsized returns based on market events, investor behavior and/or global events occasionally happen and can be exploited
  • Once an opportunity is identified, timing of entry and exit becomes the most important consideration
  • Timing is by far the most difficult investment... Read More

Eunoia’s Risk Beliefs

  • By its nature, investing entails risks
  • Market returns are asymmetric
  • Investors have different risk tolerances (and goals) and therefore should have portfolios built specifically for their risk/reward profiles
  • Some risks can be managed through prudent diversification
  • Some risks must be accepted in order... Read More

Eunoia’s Tax Beliefs

  • Taxes matter to most investor’s returns and should be considered
  • With very few exceptions, investment decisions override tax considerations
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Eunoia’s Cost Beliefs

  • Trading, administration, management, etc. costs are a necessary evil which lower returns and should be minimized whenever possible
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Eunoia’s Trading Beliefs

  • Patience is a virtue
  • Efforts should be made to minimize unnecessary turnover
  • One should not shy away from making trades in order to exit a poor or enter a good investment opportunity
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Lessons From The Masters

Mark Twain has been quoted as saying, “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” Eunoia agrees with the great American writer and believes that we should learn from history and from those who have successfully navigated it. Therefore, Eunoia makes an effort to study the market and how it rhymes with historical periods. Eunoia also... Read More

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