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Eunoia’s investment process is a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis with an overlay of experience, common sense and patience.

Eunoia implements a core-satellite-tactical portfolio management approach utilizing top-down macro-economic analysis for asset allocation, exchange-traded equity and fixed income funds (ETFs) as the primary core vehicles, individual stocks and bonds for additional alpha and occasional tactical investments when opportunities present themselves.

Following Eunoia’s set of beliefs, equity and fixed income investments are (generally) made to ensure broad coverage along the valuation and size axes. We believe a single investment, in the S&P 500 for example, to be insufficient as it will miss opportunities that might be happening elsewhere. This, modified barbell approach, allows for a weighted-average position... Read More

ETF Analysis

As the primary component of Eunoia’s “Core” portfolio, Eunoia analyzes nearly 2,000 ETFs across 6 asset class categories, 10 global regions, 75 countries and 200 sub categories to determine the most suitable investment to meet our client’s goals.

A preferred list for each combination of categories is built based on standardized and weighted... Read More

Equity Analysis

While certain stable, blue-chip and/or market-tracking (beta=1.0) stocks may be considered part of Eunoia’s “core” investment strategy, equity investments typically represent a satellite investment. The primary goal of individual stock ownership by Eunoia is to boost returns through market-beating investments or higher dividend payments than the... Read More

Fixed Income Analysis

Like equities, individual bond holdings may represent part of the “core” approach implemented by Eunoia. However, more typically, individual bond holdings represent a “satellite” strategy designed to provide additional returns or additional income relative to the overall bond market.

When making individual bond transactions, Eunoia... Read More

Tactical Analysis

Tactical investments at Eunoia typically are unique, one-off or rare opportunities for shorter-term investments meant to take advantage of extreme events. It is the search for opportunities which offer extra-ordinary returns. Examples can include extreme market events such as the dot-com bubble of the late 1990’s or the housing and mortgage bubble... Read More

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