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The most important component of any financial plan, the purpose of setting goals is straightforward. It asks one simple question.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

The answer however, can be much more difficult. Moreover, the answer is not confined to the singular. People have multiple goals encompassing all aspects of their lives; personal, professional and financial. To complicate matters further, the setting of one goal has an impact on others you may wish to reach. As a result of the complexity and inter-connectivity, many goals go unrealized. This is where Eunoia works with clients to deeply understand their lives, their passions, their families and their priorities. We focus on what our clients want to accomplish and design a plan which meets their goals.

As you ponder your answers to the meaning of your life, we’ve listed a few common responses below. To help you understand the “beautiful thinking” Eunoia way, we’ve also added our thoughts and a few questions to help further clarify your goals. Once we know and understand your goals as well as taking the time to get to know you and your current situation, Eunoia Financial can create a path to bridge the gap between the two.

“Retire when I reach 60.” – Fantastic. Will your assets support the lifestyle you want to live? Do you have a plan in the event you become incapacitated? Are your current investments appropriate for that goal? Are you saving enough? What will your social security benefits be?

“Provide for my children.” – Great. Who are your children? Are they the only beneficiaries? How would you like to provide for them? Do you have an estate plan? Do you have a will? Do you have life insurance? Do you have a living will, health care proxy and/or power of attorney? Have you considered the tax consequences of your estate? Will you need one or more trusts?

“Save more and invest better.” – How do you currently save? Do you pay yourself first? What is currently preventing you from saving more? What is your current investment plan? Do you consider all your investments as one big pot or segregate investments for a particular purpose? What does “better” really mean?

“Save for college.” – How many children do you have? How long before they leave for college? What type of college, public or private, do they envision attending? Have you started saving? Will you, or they, pay the difference in the expense vs. amount saved?

“Make a major purchase (Buy a new/vacation home, boat, plane, etc).” – How much do you want to spend? How much have you saved? How much can you afford? How does this purchase effect your other goals?

Eunoia encourages you to think long and hard about your future. What’s really important to you? What matters most? The return however is high as the answers to these, admittedly difficult, questions can be the driving force behind your journey.


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